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"Steven is exactly what you hope for when seeking an agent - responsive, passionate, intelligent, persistent, tactful and connected. They make an amazing team - the perfect balance of big picture thinking and detail-orientation. They helped us refine our proposal into something we are truly proud of and they secured an amazing deal for us beyond what we ever expected." - Chip Hiden/Alex Irvin, BUILD YOUR DREAMS, Running Press, September 2013

“Steven Harris is a fabulous agent. He is extremely responsive to my needs and he seems to know everyone in the business. That goes a long way toward getting deals done.” Steve Lehto, Author of the upcoming AMERICAN MURDER HOUSES, Berkley and PRESTON TUCKET, Chicago Review Press; the just published the GREAT AMERICAN JET PACK, Chicago Review Press, CHRYSLER’S TURBINE CAR, Chicago Review Press; and Co-Author DRAWN TO INJUSTICE, Berkley.

"Steve Harris' knowledge of how to represent authors is encyclopedic. With astute strategies, perennial honesty, consistent candor, and always ready follow-up, he's simply the best there is. If you have a good book in want of publishers and readers, you will not do better than Steve, who loves books as much as he knows how to sell them." Tom McBride and Ron Nief, Creators of the Internet’s popular annual Mindset List, author of THE MINDSET LIST OF AMERICAN HISTORY, Wiley, and the forthcoming THE MINDSET LISTS OF WHAT MOST AMERICANS HAVE FORGOTTEN, Sourcebooks.

"I’ve worked with many literary agents over the past two decades, and not one of them has the can-do spirit of Steve Harris. How he finds the time to do it amazes me because I know for a fact that he attends a fair share of lunches with editors and he’s always schmoozing with writers and publicity people at late-night parties and author signings. In fact, I recently attended a book party with him, and despite putting back more beers than me and the author combined, he was able to cut a new deal with the nightclub owner that very evening. Meanwhile, he’s talking nonstop on his cell phone with another author whose book is so far-fetched I can’t imagine it will sell. “I believe in this book . . . I know it’s important,” he keeps saying. That book is now in bookstores. This man is unbelievable. Steve Harris is to book publishing what Phil Spector was to music producing. And he does it all without guns.  All kidding aside, Steve Harris is intelligent, knowledgeable, friendly, and he genuinely loves new ideas. He’s open to book concepts that other agents can’t even understand. He’s just as comfortable with a technical science manuscript as he is with a sports memoir. And he goes the extra mile for projects he believes in . . . Steve did for me and my co-authors what other literary agents just could not do. He went to battle for us. He slogged away, submitting even to editors who had already rejected our book proposal, and he got them to look at it again! Not only that -- he eventually made sales with books that no one else could sell. My hat is off to him. It’s truly humbling to be associated with such a generous, talented guy. He’s also got a great sense of humor and he’s the life of the party. If you get him to work with you, you’re a lucky author, and you can rest assured that you’re in capable, experienced hands"…William Cane

Bestselling author of The Art of