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We specialize in guiding the careers of our authors in a changing literary landscape.  We take our authors through a process that helps them to identify and define exactly what their books are and then assist them in creating powerful and winning book proposals.  Our strong industry contacts allow us to pair each book and author with the perfect editor and publisher.  We maintain strong and involved relationships with our authors and their works throughout the entire publishing process right through to marketing and sales.


Amy and Matt Baumgardner's inspirational love story of faith, hope, and forgiveness, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, arrives in stores September 2nd.

The new Class of 2018 Mindset List is now out.  The List's creators, Tom McBride and Ron Nief's 2nd book, THE MINDSET LISTS OF THE OBSCURE: 74 FAMOUSLY FORGOTTEN AMERICANS FROM A TO Z, also hits bookstores on Sept. 2nd.

October 7 is the release date for Christine Hassler's, EXPECTATION HANGOVER: OVERCOMING DISAPPOINTMENT IN WORK, LOVE, AND LIFE (Foreword by Lissa Rankin).